Thursday, May 6, 2010

My favourite things in 2010

Here are some of my favourite things:
  1. Thomas the Tank Engine
  2. Building models
  3. Building Lego
  4. Working on this blog
  5. Watching the Lava Lamp when it is dark
  6. Riding on my scooter
  7. Reading books
  8. Playing at school in the sandpit
  9. Making new friends
  10. Dancing
  11. Going to Milli's after-school class
  12. Going to Ros's swimming lessons
  13. Spending family time
  14. Going to the Aquarium
  15. Going on family activities when I have earned all my stars
  16. Having hugs with my Mum and Dad
  17. Playing the mix-up game with Ella
  18. Eating spaghetti
  19. Swimming on a holiday
  20. Going to the beach and making sandcastles there

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