Saturday, July 10, 2010

My least favourite things

A list of stuff I really hate.
  1. Fighting with my sister, Ella.
  2. When I don't have anyone to play with.
  3. When someone invades my privacy.
  4. Being left out of everything.
  5. When someone is a space invader.
  6. Being sent to the corner.
  7. When people don't want to be my friends.
  8. Being interrupted (especially during a test).
  9. Fish (except for salmon)
  10. When people say "You can never be that" or other mean things.
  11. When people don't let me concentrate and think.
  12. Macaroni.
  13. When Ella doesn't share her party food with me.
  14. When Ella has a tantrum.
  15. When I feel like nobody cares about me.

What Ella (My sister) Doesn't Like

We already have a post about my sister's favourite things.
Here are some of her least favourite things:
  1. Scary things
  2. Yucky food
  3. Vegetables (except for cucumber)
  4. Being left out of play-time
  5. Butter
  6. Losing a star from her star chart
  7. Being sent to the corner
  8. When I feel lonely.
  9. When I fall over.
  10. Being interrupted.
  11. Losing in games.
  12. When people don't let her wear what she wants.
  13. When I don't have enough money to buy stuff.
  14. When people ignore her.
 This is a picture of my sister, Ella.